Review: Green Day – Warning:

On Tuesday, October 3rd, 2000, Green Day released their highly anticipated follow-up to Nimrod and this Green Day offering is awe-inspiring. They have managed to make an album that doesn’t have a bad song on it. Hey, it’s Green Day, would you expect any less? They retain their classic style with songs like “Minority”;. Unlike other bands that try to adjust or moderate their image to atone to the majority (::Cough:: ::Cough:: Offspring ::Cough::) [Editor’s Note: Shut Up Tom],  which isn’t a bad thing, but it can disgust the true fans. Warning is one of the best Green Day albums.

Green Day is the greatest band on earth! For those that have been under a frickin’ rock for the last ten years, Green Day is a punk rock band out of Rodeo, CA. The band consists of Billie Joe Armstrong (vocals, guitar), Mike Dirnt (bass, vocals), and Tre Cool (drums). Think Blink182, only much better and less trendy. They’ve been known to have some recurrent suggestive themes in their music, including, but not limited to: life-changing events, rebellion, love, heartbreak, and being “all by myself”; (wink, wink). What some of you might not know is their original name was Sweet Children.

Let’s look at the tracks, shall we? The five best songs on the album in descending order are as follows: (11) “Minority”, (6) “Misery”, (3) “Church on Sunday”,  (1) “Warning”, and (7) “Dead Beat”. “Minority”; is my life’s new theme song. Why be the majority when you can be the minority, go against the grain, and do your own thing? This is the ultimate Green Day song! “Misery”; reminds me of The Beatles’ “Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite”;, only much, much cooler. “Church on Sunday”;, “Warning”;, and “Dead Beat”; are just plain cool. The best thing about “Warning”; is that those songs aren’t only entertaining tracks on the album.

ALL OF THE SONGS ON THIS ALBUM ARE AWESOME! Every time I listen to it, it gets better. By the way, according to the beginning of “Blood, Sex and Booze”; has a clip of “a very professional dominatrix, Mistress Simone”;, whipping Tone, Green Day’s 19-year-old engineer. Do I completely like this album? Damn Skippy! It has great lyrics and vocal work, awesome themes, and pointless cursing! There is no downside to this album. Get it as soon as you can! Run! Go! Stop reading this article and get the #$%@ing album!

Written by Erich Becker
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