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Published on October 24th, 2008 | by Erich Becker


Cities of the Underworld – City of Blood (03×01)

Returning for a third season on History is Cities of the Underworld hosted by Don Wildman as there continues to be an abundance of deep, dark holes filled with secrets about civilizations’ past. The season premiere sees Don dive into the City of Blood aka London and seek out the demonic past of the city itself and the surrounding area.

The first thing you notice about the London is the massive amounts of devilish orgies taking place in the past, it seems everything and every secret society revolved around sexual exploits with multiple partners at once, leading to what many believe was devil worship and the construction of gateways to the underworld. When showing these gateways the program continues its use of computer-aided cross sections and 3D graphics.

In the typical fashion of the genre Wildman torridly runs around the city and countryside from location to location speaking with local experts and getting some hands on experience with the subject in focus. The most interesting, and shortened, section of the program is a look at the popular serial killers Sweeny Todd and Jack the Ripper, even going into the dank spaces of London’s putrid sewer system to offer theories on how Jack might have gotten around undetected from crime scene to crime scene.

While the subject matter is new, for the most part, the format is familiar to anyone who has seen an “on-the-job” show such as Dirty Jobs. What is really annoying is the constant use of the same sound effect and light bloom when transitioning between graphic cutaways and coming back to Don. The bloom and the “ting” sound repeat nearly 40-50 wipes throughout the entire 45 minute episode wears on your last nerve pretty fast. If you’re able to turn out this sound, the episode, and series, offers plenty of interesting information with upcoming episodes focused on Okinawa, Sicily, and Sin City itself, Las Vegas.


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