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Published on May 30th, 2006 | by Erich Becker


Washington The Warrior (01×01)

Washington The Warrior, premiering May 29th on the History Channel, is a militaristic look at the United States most revered and beloved general who lead the country to independence against the British in the 1770’s. The special, fittingly debuting on Memorial Day, dives into the early days of Washington’s military career as a young Major delivering a diplomatic message to the French during the battle of the Ohio Valley all the way to his surrendering of his sword to the Continental Congress after the peace treaty with Britain was signed.

While the Revolutionary War has been examined by previous history programs, it is still very interesting to see Washington through historical eyes looking at the way he commanded his troops, often putting himself in the trenches and harms way in order to keep them together. The focus on his early life also provides a powerful perspective into the man whose early military life was filled with disrespect and overtly aggressive behavior that may, or may not, have lead to the death of French diplomatic company.

Also revealing is Washington’s motives for entering the side of the revolutionaries which mainly had to do with his purchase of sub-par goods from England. His keen business sense, passionate views, and great sense of responsibility and leadership helped this country be born.

The screener copy provided by The History Channel was missing some portions of the visual FX and CGI but the elements that were in place looked excellent with realistic weather effects and the fleshing out of the British and American armies to massive proportions. The battles and story elements, told via reenactments, look true to the style of the times, and the battleground effects such as blood squibs and simulated explosions look realistic as well.

Most importantly, the two hour program is interesting and filled with information and anecdotes about Washington included the aforementioned early days of his career which have almost become a footnote in American History. While we tend to focus on the man as a founding father of our country, the experiences he used to gauge his decisions harkened back to his humble beginnings and extended through his entire preceding life.

Washington The Warrior premieres Memorial Day, May 29th, on the History Channel. Check you local listings for starting time and channel.

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