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Review: Jeepers Creepers 2

September 2nd, 2002 | by Erich Becker

The original Jeepers Creepers was a surprisingly good horror movie two years ago when it was released. The cliché of

Review: Men in Black II

July 8th, 2002 | by Erich Becker

So here we are five days after the release of Men in Black II and I’m just finally getting out

Review: Blade 2

March 25th, 2002 | by Greg Elliott

Every once in a while, a sequel comes out that absolutely blows the original away, like Aliens, and T2: Judgment

Review: Final Destination 2

February 3rd, 2002 | by Erich Becker

Final Destination 2 opens with one of the best action sequences you will ever seen on film. The pile-up sequence

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