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Food Network has long prided itself on showcasing some of the world’s greatest chefs, and that doesn’t really change with its newest series, Worst Cooks in America, however the great chefs showcased have to deal with some of the country’s worst. In the pilot episode, lovingly titled “Into the Fire” the chefs bring in 24 of the worst of the worst and have them prepare a signature dish, and you get what you would expect.

Several of the contestants can’t even cook, throwing together several cans of soup, warmed over the stove top and presenting it as something edible. From there Chef’s Anne Burrell and Beau MacMillan throw in a twist, they’re picking the six finalists for each other, and they’re picking the very worst in an attempt to sabotage the other. The “winner”, besides being able to actually create food not considered toxic waste in 27 states, will attempt to fool a panel of food critics into believing Anne and Beau cooked a meal for them.

The series hook is that these cooks know they are pathetic and each are looking to better themselves by participating in the contest, a big difference from series like Hell’s Kitchen where the Chef’s are usually filled with illusions of grandeur and listening to them is like reading a textbook out loud describing how to be a complete failure on reality TV.

Most importantly though, the show is fun to watch because they have about as much skill as the rest of the general population, who will cut asparagus wrong, garnish the hell out of a dish, and take two hours to make a 30 minute meal. Worst Cooks in America‘s six episode run should give hope for mankind that even if you screw up mac & cheese now, it may not always be that way.