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The always energetic and outspoken veteran comic Lewis Black is back with a new CD, the aptly named Anticipation. I say aptly named because anything you hear Lewis is going to do, you immediately can’t help but anticipate experiencing it. Whether it is one of his four critically acclaimed Comedy Central stand-up specials, or any of his prior books or CD’s, Lewis never fails to deliver, and he does so with this new offering as well.

While most audiences know Black more for his topical, political material, he mellows out a bit on this album, using a lot more cheery material. Everything he talks about in this act leads back to anticipation. He gives us the sad story about failed attempts, and eventual success, of losing his virginity. Other notable material is his always funny rant about why Chanukah sucks (written out on the track list as southerner’s say it, Chanooookah) when compare to Christmas, and why Santa would make the best presidential candidate.

The only criticism I’d have is that I honestly miss the political material. A secret or bonus track with something on the ’08 election would have been nice, but I completely understand changing up material so that you aren’t pigeonholed as one thing (like Bob Saget was on Full House and Funniest Home Videos, even though his stand-up has always been blue material). Hopefully we’ll get enough of his take on the ’08 election when he does his guest spot, Back in Black, on The Daily Show, or with his show The Root of All Evil, starting it’s second season on Comedy Central. No matter what, the bottom line is Anticipation is a continuation of the long line of good stuff from Lewis Black, and we hope he keeps the hits coming.