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Joe Rogan comes out swinging on Shiny Happy Jihad, his first stand-up CD in seven years, with a lot of different material that ranges from Osama bin Laden coming straight from a Stan Lee comic book to why would you put a sexually repressed priest into a little, dark room and listen to sinners sex stories, there’s something here for everyone to enjoy and/or become grossly offended.

The CD starts off rather slow, and its delayed release leaves some of the obvious Fear Factor jokes gasping for air since the show was canceled last year and the CD was only released in March 2007, leaving the source material out of sight, out of mind for most people. And judging by the final season’s ratings, many who purchased the CD even last year, should it have been released, would have been asking, “That show’s still on?”;

Rogan takes ample time to warm up and get into the meat of his material, that dealing with the Middle East and how the war (ripe material for anyone in the industry) has affected us at home and the observations of how things are so different half way around the world. He does raise some very funny points about how we are still not able to capture the super-villain like bin Laden and how he would win the war (of which is very amusing).

While the CD induced very little belly laughs, it did score a fair amount of chuckles throughout its brisk runtime. The routine actually ends four tracks early, leaving the final four featuring Rogan taking unscripted questions from the audience. This is where the comedian really shines by being able to keep up with his fans and also stay consistently funny by cracking jokes and impressions on the fly.

Joe Rogan has caused some controversy of late in accusing other comedians like Carlos Mencia and Dane Cook of stealing material, but that doesn’t come to light anywhere on the disc (due to its 2006 recording date), and the disc is certainly not for the easy offended, but there’s a quality comedy act here, and while it won’t knock you back, its an enjoyable experience.