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I guess the saying “better late than never” comes into play when talking about Big Trouble. Originally to be released on September 21st of last year, the movie was delayed because of the cowardly terrorist attacks on the United States. It would seem to be taboo to show a movie that involves the passing around of a nuclear weapon that eventually ends up on an airplane that is high jacked by two dim-witted criminals.

Big Trouble finally made release last week, and I can honestly say, the movie is everything I would have expected. Big Trouble is based on a novel by humor columnist Dave Barry, who writes for the Miami Herald. The movie is about self-proclaimed loser Eliot Arnold (Tim Allen) who is recently divorced, owns a struggling advertising firm, and just bought a Geo.

The movie features a high caliber ensemble of actors who all lend the movie their respective talent. The greatest part of the movie is it resembles Guy Ritchie’s Snatch by allowing all the characters to overlap once and again. As stated before the movie uses the plot vehicle of a nuclear weapon (that resembles a garbage disposal) to bring the cast together. Eliot and his son Matt interact with Arthur and Anna Herk (Stanley Tucci and Rene Russo) after Matt is playing a school game called “killer” and is forced to soak their daughter Jenny (Zooey Deschanel). Puggy (Jason Lee in an awesome role) is a drifter who finds himself in love with Arthur’s housemaid Nina after she mistakes him for Jesus.

Along the way the main characters run into two cops Monica Romero (Janeane Garofolo) and Walter Kramitz (Patrick Warburton), two FBI agents Pat Greer (Omar Epps) and Alan Seitz (Heavy D), and two really stupid criminals Eddie (Johnny Knoxville) and Snake (Tom Sizemore). While the bomb will eventually bring the entire cast together at the airport, the movie really shines on the humor of the script.

The movie has some generally funny moments especially when introducing the characters for the first time. No one would have though Arthur Herk had such an amazing foot-fetish. And a surprising cameo by Martha Stewart just brings down the house when coupled with the psychedelic toad.

Really shinning out in this movie is notably Jason Lee, Tim Allen, and Dennis Farina who plays a hitman contracted to take out Herk. Farina’s character seems taken directly from Snatch while being just as funny as ever. While Lee is beloved by all for his roles in Kevin Smith’s cult classics, Allen has had limited success on the big screen. Allen as Eliot Arnold seemed like a perfect choice because of the similarities between Allen and Dave Barry. While he doesn’t get top billing, he is first in alphabetical order, so in a sense this is a Tim Allen movie.

Coming out of the theatre on Saturday Night completed a perfect night. The movie offers laughs by the dozens and manages to keep the humor level up for the entire movie (notably, once again, by Andy Richter’s security guard characters). Big Trouble, bombed at the box office this weekend. While not the funniest comedy this year, it sure wasn’t the worst, or anything close to average. If you are looking for a funny movie with a great cast and a super script look no further than Big Trouble.