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Never hearing anything before receiving The Limit’s second full length release, Reinventing the Sun, the band certainly takes you by surprise as they don’t really look the part, especially lead singer Mark Daniel’s flowing golden locks. The sound produced by this trio is also as takes you by surprise, but in a generally good way.

The Limit’s sound is mixed throughout the release, starting off hard on lead off track “House of Sand“; which plays as a great introduction to the album and the band for newcomers alike. As a whole the band isn’t entirely hard rock, sometimes diving into acoustic instrumentals and much slower, melody driving pieces. If anything the band’s closest comparison in my catalog is The Foo Fighters’ Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace which also provides much harder tunes coupled with more rhythmic, quieter pieces as well to fill out the album.


A couple stand out tracks including personal favorites “Closer“; and “Gravity“; which show a little more mainstream push, almost single and radio-ready, but other tracks like the all instrumental “Mother Maria“; and “Hard to Say Goodbye“; and its reprise certainly show the variety The Limit puts forward on this album. While it has become common to throw in an instrumental track halfway through a record, more times than not, and especially here, a track like “Mother Maria“; proves a distraction with its distinctive sound seeming inherently out of place, never meshing at all with the progressive sound on the rest of the album.

Along with the sound, the songwriting generally good and Daniel’s vocal range is excellent, going from near screaming to a soft, melodic and coupled with the drumming by Bob Chmiel and bass by Todd Grosberg there’s a raw sound to this music and at times it feels as though its just three guys jamming in a garage.

A lot of people are never going to have heard of The Limit even after opening for such bands as Disturbed and Alter Bridge, but this is a band to watch as the new album streets and hopefully radio takes notice. While not the most amazing album ever released, Reinventing the Sun is a solid release for those who enjoy a mixing of genres, creating something that’s fresh and new in an industry that has become so stale.