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Most bands would wait until they release three or four albums and then they make a remix CD, but that’s not the case with Linkin Park who released one after a year after their multi-platinum debut, Hybrid Theory, and once again they bring us the finest of the crop.

While Reanimation has remixes of all of the songs from Hybrid Theory, it also includes new songs and remixes, plus some short phone calls (“Chali“;, “Riff Raff“;, “Stef“;), and an opening and a very short interlude called “NTR/MSSION.“;

My favorite song has to be the remix of “One Step Closer“;, it is now over five minutes long, and begins slowly and quietly and at the becomes a bit louder and at the end gets back to the original song’s sound, it also features Jonathan Davis, the vocalist of the band KoRn.

The remix of “Points of Authority“; is excellent, it is even better than the original, and it has a new electronic and techno sound. “X-Ecutioner Style“; is a mixture of elements from both the original “One Step Closer“; and “Forgotten“; with a lot of mixing and featuring the rapper Black Thought. The remix of “Forgotten“; is a cool song that was originally heavy and loud, but here it became slower and darker with a lot of hip-hop elements in it and featuring Chali 2na.

The In the End“; remix is a hip-hop song that fails to live up to the Hybrid Theory version, but the teaming of Mike Shinoda, Chester Bennington and Motion Man made this song fun to both who like rock and rap.

There are also remixes of “High Voltage“; and “My December“; that were originally released on the Japanese Hybrid Theory CD. “High Voltage“; became now faster and better, and features both Pharoahe Monch and DJ Babu, while “My December“; is still the same quiet song but with faster music and lovely voice of Kelli Ali.

Most people would call Reanimation a rap remix album of Hybrid Theory, but I disagree, even though the CD is more rap-oriented, it still has plenty of screaming and hard guitar riffs, making it an alternative metal album. If you liked Hybrid Theory, I can’t see any convincing reason on why you won’t like Reanimation.