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By now you should have heard about a little film call The Aristocrats which makes good on its promise of no violence, no nudity, just words…a whole bunch of dirty words. In the hardcore politically correct word being created under us, it’s nice to see a film come out, on an independent label, and easily be one of the funniest in years.

And why the hell not, when you get nearly 100 of the world’s funniest comics, young and old, together to retell the same dirty vaudeville joke over and over, your sides are going to hurt.

While the film’s premise may seem painfully boring (how many times can you hear the same joke?) the execution and content is award winning. Shot documentary style with candid views of top comics in their homes, relaxing, The Aristocrats explores a joke containing the same punch line and its various incarnations. In fact, the joke itself is open to interpretation by whoever is telling it, it only needs to begin with a few simple lines and everything else is open game.

The movie manages to top itself over and over during its 90 minute runtime by being able to assemble a cohesive, free-flowing movement that never has you looking at your watch. From George Carlin giving us a little history to Bob Saget explaining his definition of cockeyed, The Aristocrats never fails to impress as each and every featured comic gets a line or two in and several tell nearly full renditions of the joke.

The Aristocrats is not for the easily offended as the subject matter ranges from incest to public defecation and everything in-between. In fact, think of the most horrible thing you can, and then top that twice and you might be close to some of the film’s subject matter. I managed to read reviews and user comments on IMDB keeping track of how many people walk out during each showing (this one had two when Howie Mandel went into a “C” word-laced triad). It makes you wonder why these people even bothered knowing that the press surrounding the film and its rating has been in the news since July.

Overall Gilbert Gottfried and Bob Saget steal this movie with each of their performances (especially Gottfried nearly making Rob Schneider collapse from laughter at the Friar’s Club Roast of Hugh Heffner). Sarah Silverman delivers, perhaps, the most well timed joke as it trails off into a wholly uncomfortable, but incredibly funny situation. With so many comics in the film, it’s almost impossible to say how well each one did, but even if you are the most jaded individual in the world, you’ll laugh at a mime donkey-punching a dog while acting out the joke.

Truly, The Aristocrats is a great film, if only for a way to escape and laugh in the face of language that would make Republican’s squirm in their seats and the religious-rite call for a boycott. If anything, the film proves the point that this country has become so fixated on what is best for the society as far as language and actions go. If something as simple as saying a few words can get your panties in a bunch avoid this film like the plague, but for those who would like a keen eye into the funny underbelly of professional comics, The Aristocrats is a great time.