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Gravity Kills broke into the music scene with their high powered hit “Guilty” which propelled their debut album up the charts. The song was also featured playing in the background of the David Fincher hit Se7en. Gravity Kill’s self-title album spawned a serious of singles that found their way onto soundtracks and remix albums. The Mortal Kombat soundtrack featured a demo (and edited) version of “Goodbye” while the Lords of Acid created one of their best known remixes with their song “Down,” and an even cooler remix was released from the song “Blame.”

When Gravity Kill’s second album, not counting the remix CD Manipulated which featured no new work from the trio, came into stores it was met with high expectations, but those who expected Gravity Kills to escape the Sophomore curse were wrong, and Perversion was a major disappointment to some die-hard GK fans.

This brings us up to their third release, Superstarved* which puts the band back into the so-called saddle that they rode so high upon with Gravity Kills. Superstarved* is more of a mix between the guitar-laden first album, and the techno/industrial influenced second release. Superstarved* surprising first single “One Thing” is so reminiscent of “Guilty” that you might even mistake them from coming off of the same album together.

“Love, Sex, and Money” sounds eerily like a Marilyn Manson song even by the title. The cover song “Personal Jesus” makes you wonder what CD you actually inserted into your stereo with it’s very country guitar, that skips away and makes way for a very hard guitar. Earlier last year Gravity Kills posted demo versions of “Enemy” and “Personal Jesus” for fans to download. A demo version is an unmixed song, and it shows. The new tracks differ quite a bit from the originals even by name. A track named “Shake It” was also demo-released, but it doesn’t have appeared to make it onto the final album.

All in all the CD will make you somewhat forget about Perversion and remember how good Gravity Kills was. While the albums only fault is sounding maybe a bit too much like the previously mentioned discs, that is nothing hard to come by for true fans of the band.

If you were a fan and lost track of the band, never have been a fan, or have been waiting for a new album from these guys for a long time, you won’t be let down, Superstarved* is an awesome album.