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Oh how long we have waited. After what seems like forever, Goldfinger has released their newest album to the streets, entitled Open Your Eyes, and it brings the Ska/Punk band back to the day’s of Hang Ups.

The discs opening two shots “Going Home” and “Spokesman” are a good inclusion into the discs seemingly non-stop Ska explosion that engulfs the listener. The real winner is the CDs title song, “Open Your Eyes” which states:

“Open your eyes / To the millions of lies / That they tell you everyday / Open your mind / To the clever disguise / That the advertisements say / How do they know / What’s good for you?”

The song fits in with the entire albums portrayal that everyone is their own person. In “Spokesman” the band talks about wanting to hear what you have to say, not what we are told to believe by representatives and people paid to say things.

The rest of the CD flows great and when you get to “Woodchuck” this Disturbed meets a kindergarten class explosion is one of the funniest moments in music in my opinion. The band rocks out to the old tongue twister and nails it dead on, I would like to see practice recordings of that song, it could prove to be hilarious.

For fans there was a song on an old Maxi single entitled “Ted Nugent” which poked some serious fun at the old rock singer. The song returns on Open Your Eyes with good old Ted getting torn up, but instead of our favorite Charlie’s Angel getting the second blow, Jennifer Lopez gets taken to town when punished about her dress, and packing on the pounds. It proves for great hilarity.

Topping out the rest of the CD is two bonus tracks. One is a recording of several prank phone calls the band recorded and performed, not quite Jerky Boys quality, but close, and the last is a standard Goldfinger track.

Besides “Open Your Eyes” my favorite song would have to be “Radio,” which seems to just jump out at you off of the record.

The only major problem with this CD is actually finding it, it took a number of stores and phone calls to find a Best Buy in the greater Phoenix area that actually carried the CD in stock, most were sold out, or had never received any. If you can find one, definitely worth picking up.