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Review: Constantine

February 21st, 2005 | by Erich Becker

After the major disappointments that were The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions, you would think Keanu Reeves would want

Review: Blade: Trinity

December 13th, 2004 | by Erich Becker

The Blade series has long been felt as the red-headed stepchild of the Marvel catalog. The first film barely made

Review: Alien vs. Predator

August 15th, 2004 | by Erich Becker

Warning this review may contain material some readers might find objectionable. With the recent surge in both comic book movies

Review: Spider-Man 2

July 1st, 2004 | by Erich Becker

Regardless of when this review is posted it won’t matter too much, you will already have seen the best movie

Review: Van Helsing

May 11th, 2004 | by Erich Becker

If Van Helsing is what $170 million dollars buys you these days I can’t wait to see what $200 million

Review: The Punisher

April 19th, 2004 | by Erich Becker

The Punisher is one of Marvel’s best known non-super-hero characters which centers on the dark existence of a former government

Review: Hellboy

April 5th, 2004 | by Erich Becker

While waiting in line to see Hellboy on Friday night a few things were put into perspective for me. The

Review: Hulk

June 18th, 2003 | by Erich Becker

Ang Lee’s The Hulk has to be the most stylish film based off of a comic book. Where Blade went

Review: X2: X-Men United

May 5th, 2003 | by Erich Becker

Comic book movies are a rather quirky device in Hollywood, because no matter how bad the adaptation is, and no

Review: Daredevil

February 17th, 2003 | by Erich Becker

Something just doesn’t sit right with me when I think about watching Daredevil. Where X-Men and Spider-Man came onto the

Review: Spider-Man

June 3rd, 2002 | by Erich Becker

I’m one of the hugest Spider-man fans. Over 1,000+ comics in my collection I would say 90% of them are

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