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Christopher Titus is one of the most intense comics alive. Just hearing him perform stand up gets you pumped and ready to give the whole world the middle finger, and The Fifth Anniversary End of The World Tour is no exception. Titus again delivers on the angry, intelligent humor that makes him one of the best comedians to listen to.

In Tour, Titus covers subject matter ranging from kids and birth to the September 11th attacks to a British Batman to dealing with his father’s death. But an important underlying theme is this “End of the World”; notion. He talks a lot about bringing his daughter into the world a month before one of the most devastating things to happen to America and how it will affect her growing up. Granted he does this in a way that will have you on the floor laughing, but that’s how his comedy works. Titus has never been a person who pulls any punches. He will talk about anything and everything, and somehow turn the most serious and depressing situations into the most hilarious thing you’ve ever heard.

Perhaps the best thing about his humor is the intelligence level of his jokes. He’s not one to pull the cheap dirty joke to get a laugh. Granted that many of his jokes are plenty dirty, (this is not a comedy album to listen to with the kids), he always gives the impression that he has thought about these situations and events and has approached them at his own level, and at a level that the average listener can understand and appreciate. That’s what makes this album so appealing. In a world of comedians who are so politically polarized, we finally have one who doesn’t cater to one party or another. He sees the world with his own eyes, and offers his own (hilarious) perspective on it.

The two disc set is definitely worth the listen, and more than once. He talks about so many different subjects that every time you go back through the tracks you pick up on something you missed the first time. It’s no wonder that his tour has sold out all over the country, and it’s another testament to FOX’s missteps in cancelling good quality shows.