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Not Another Teen Movie is not going to win any awards in anyone’s book. The movie is cliché, the characters lack anything resemble character (and therefore a brain), and the acting is sub par at best, but that is what makes this movie so much fun to watch.

The movie combines all of the past teen movies together for the last 20 years. Stemming from the 80’s comedies of the brat pack, to the movies of last year with Road Trip and even some Final Destination thrown into the mix. Not Another Teen Movie has a way of just letting you sit back and enjoy the movie for what it really is. A spoof of the ultra-cliché high school setting with the same characters that really just get new lines in each film they produce.

Director Joel Gallen (previously known for his commercial spoofs on  the MTV Movie Awards) shows that he has no idea what the hell he is doing, and if a camera fell on him walking down the street, he would claim the “God’s Must Be Crazy.” With the style and finesse (read: non-existent) that is in this movie, you wonder why they even needed a director. Seriously, does someone need a director tell a girl to sit on a toilet and make big steaming piles of it? I don’t believe so.

Not Another Teen Movie focuses on the life of Janney Briggs as she is the “pretty-ugly girl” that only needs to lose the glasses to become instant “hottie” material. Stuff happens, girls get naked, stuff is said, football game ensues, girl finds out about bet, hates guy, loves guy, credits roll, audience grumbles, audience demands money back, riot ensues.

See what I mean, cliché.

While the movie offers nothing to set it apart from it’s (much better) predecessor Scary Movie, it does provide a great way to waste two hours of your life, and laugh a little, which will be hard to do with so many serious movies being release this season. Have some fun and see a show, five bucks isn’t bad for some fun.