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Does this sound a bit like Korn? Yes, it does, but for good reason. Lead singer Marky Chavez is Jonathan Davis’ half-brother, but that is where the similarities end between the siblings, as Adema’s first effort throws on a more indifferent mix than one who has been listening to Korn is used to.

Adema’s biggest triumph is they are different than some of the new bands emerging today. They have something about them that sets them apart from acts of similar caliber and composure.
Adema doesn’t stray from a new, and disturbing in it’s own right, trend of new-metal bands attempting to perform “monster” ballads of their own. Staind did it, Puddle of Mudd (influenced by Fred Durst) did it with their song “Blurry,” and now Adema does it with songs like “Speculum.”

While the ballads are a nice diversion (mainly because they don’t lose the intensity that Adema brings forth), the real life of the band falls in a few select tracks. The first single “Giving In” speaks of addiction and one man’s quest to ruin it all and alienate the family that only wants to help him. My personal favorite track, “The Way You Like It,” is a very powerful track as well as being a very catchy track.

While some believe this is nothing more than a rehash of Korn, one listen and you will see why it is decisively different than anything you have heard. Adema’s debut may have been lost among the debut of many other bands of the same genre, but none of them have the boasting rights of revitalizing a genre with a breath of fresh air, and a clean right hook to the gut.